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About Us 

We're a small home grown company who hold two things dear - The potential of children and helping the planet. 

Brainy Socks was created as a tool to start the cognitive development of your child at an early age by giving you an opportunity to help them learn new words everyday. 

Our products are easy to mix-and-match and printed with colorful patterns to turn everyday into a fun point-and-learn game.  

We  also contribute a portion of every purchase to help the planet by growing more trees.  Read on to know more 


Go Green With Us 

PPlant trees with every purchase


We at Brainy Socks believe in giving back and making the world a better place for children. 

Feel good about every time you buy from us.
We contribute a portion of every sale towards planting trees.


Help us, (literally) grow by reviews us on Amazon and get an ASSURED  AUTHENTICATION CERTIFICATE for your Green Contribution. 

With every 

Claim Your Certificate


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