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Socks for smarts 

Make every moment a learning activity for your toddler!

So often we find yourselves pointing and repeating things to help our babies recognize and learn new words. So why should the learning be contained to book-time?

Brainy Socks is a fun way to keep your energetic toddler on their toes! Captivate their imagination with bright colors, shapes and patterns to help them develop their language and memory skills. Simply slip on the socks and bond with your baby by pointing at a new shape with every sock!

Made with super-soft fabric, these socks are ideal for everyday use. A fun way to learn a new word everyday! 


How it works

Every box of Brainy Socks contains a set of 9 socks, each with a unique design to help your child point and learn new words!

Mix and match the patterns to learn something new everyday!

All you have to do is slip on the sock, point at the graphic and help your toddler learn the new words and letters through repetition. 

 Brainy Socks come in a variety of shades and themes.

Making it a perfect collectible for gifting as well. 

Age: 2-4 Year Olds




  • Alphabets

  • Fruits & Vegetables

  • Shapes & Numbers

  • Animals

  • Weather & Vehicles

  • And many more coming soon

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